Become a Wizi

Looking to earn well while maintaining flexibility?
Drive with Wizi at the lowest commission rate in the market.


The future lies in a modern way of doing business like ours. Forget the traditional way of working and ride with us into the advanced world of on-demand transportation where everything is tailored to your needs.

Shifting into higher gear.

We give you constant support and education, and the Wizi system guarantees safe rides, regular payments and great opportunities for additional earnings.

Working transparently.

Constructive cooperation, transparency, and mutual trust. These are the foundations on which we build the conditions for mutual success and satisfaction.

Rewarding loyalty.

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. That's why our reward system further motivates those who invest more effort in achieving common goals.

We don't ask much from you.

  • Politeness towards your passengers.
  • A clean and tidy vehicle.
  • Safe and smooth driving.

What do you get in Wizi?

The lowest commission on the market.

Freedom to choose when and how much you work.

Quick and efficient resolution of all obstacles.

Communication equipment and constant support and logistics.

Sounds interesting?

Find out all the information you need and become part of our team!