Streamlined transportation for your entire team – and beyond.

You are expecting business partners and unsure how to transport them to their destination?
Your employees are often on the go, requiring complex transportation arrangements?
Wizi Business is your ideal solution for transportation issues.

WIZI business benefiti

Cost management

At the end of each month, you'll receive a summarized invoice for transportation services that can be seamlessly incorporated into your accounting records. You can easily verify the status with your dedicated agent.

Save time for yourself and others

Apart from faster vehicle arrivals, you also save the time typically spent on conventional transportation organization and payment.

Improve the experience

You get a dependable, speedy, and safe mode of transportation for both yourself and your employees. The entire user experience is customized to suit your requirements.

Count on Wizi Business for your business...

We chauffeur your clients, partners, and employees to any destination.

We provide transportation for you and your guests to various events.

You punctually attend crucial meetings.

You effortlessly reach the train station or airport.

...and in your personal life as well.

We're here to simplify your daily routines like shopping.

We're here to help with transporting kids to school and other.

We're here to provide rides to work and back for you and your employees.

*Separate your business and personal rides with VIP status.

Wizi Business is designed for various industries

Event management

Have you organized a concert, conference, film premiere, or promotion?

Pobrinut ćemo se da vaši gosti stignu na vrijeme.

Healthcare facilities

Take full care of the well-being of patients in your clinic or practice and provide them with safe transportation.

Service industries

Happy clients and users are those who see that you value them - providing transportation home or to their next destination is a true expression of respect.


Private and public schools colleges, or universities - simplify the arrival and departure for your students, employees or guest lecturers.


Are you expecting guests at a hotel or apartment? No problem, we'll wait for them at the train station or airport and bring them directly to you.

Companies and businesses

Transporting employees or partners to the office, for lunch, or to meetings - we're here for you when you require a convenient and secure ride.

Businesses we support with transportation

Wizi Business - transportation for all contemporary operations.

Do you have any further inquiries regarding the use of Wizi Business service?

Discover responses in our frequently asked questions section or reach out to our customer support.

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